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Bob knows dogs and why they do what they do

I’m Bob!   Welcome to my Dog Training Website

Welcome to Bob’s Dog Training Website

• Best dog training – 50% pet – 50% owner!
• Inexperience sends wrong signals to pet
• I teach proper training at your N. J. location
Choose breeds that fit your lifestyle
• We offer startup & remedial instruction
• Available – Hunting, Foot Tracking, Bird-dog
• Check our website – Basic hows & why
• Contact Us  Start the right way 609-351-6963

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• Best dog training is 50% pet – 50% owner!
• Inexperience sends wrong signals to pet
• I teach proper methods at your location
• We can help choose breeds for your lifestyle
• We offer startup instruction & remedial
• Available – Hunting, Foot Tracking, Bird-dog
• Check our webpages for basic how & whys
• Contact Us to start the right way!  609-351-6963

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• Best dog training is joint effort
• 50% Owner – 50% Pet
• Avoid sending wrong signals
• I teach proper training methods
• We teach at your NJ location
• Pick right breed for lifestyle
• We do startup & remedial
• We also train Hunting – Tracking
• Use our site – Basic hows & why
• Then Contact us
• Get started the right way!

Bob In Jersey Shore Pine Barrons Training A Dog
Bob with a variety of students & photos from dog training classes

Categories Of Focused Training 

– Aggression   – Biting   – Barking   – Training   – Rehabilitation

Mailmen do not want to see this coming to play
Aggression left uncontrolled is serious & dangerous. No one wants a pet harming children, people, property or other animals. Pets should be a trusted family members bringing joy to households. Insufficient exercise & improper diet frequently cause aggression and can be easily corrected. Breed prey drive & separation anxiety require other measures. We offer priority services in emergencies when “Brutus chases the mailman” or “Fluffy has a tither fit.

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 Fluffy appears to be having a nasty Tither Fit
Behavior & Obedience Training

The hand that feeds you - Treat & Reward based training is very useful
Obedience & behavior training can pose challenges to new dog owners. People unfamiliar with sound dog training may unknowingly teach bad behavior. It is always easier to imprint good behavior at the start than correct bad habits later. Once trainers understand canine pack & breed behavior, they can see why dogs do what they do. Proper responses can then be encouraged. A puppy needs a good orientation to get them settled.

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Buster & Caleigh awaiting on-leash training sessions
House Training – Housebreaking Training

This way to the outdoor restroom area for our canine friends
House training takes persistence & patience, especially by the owner! Until a puppy understands what is expected, you must be alert & vigilant to your pet’s actions. Always teach rules without anger. Positive reinforcement is key. Your pet is actually anxious to please you. Check our suggestions on house training.

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– Hunting  – Foot Tracking  – Pointing  – Retrieving  – Gun Dog

Pointer in the field spotting & posed for the owner
Hunting, tracking , pointing, retrieving & gun-dog training involves breed selection, individual animal aptitude and each dog’s personality. Historically, specific breeds were used exclusively for each field activity. New trends have individual animals being cross trained in multiple functions to serve more than one capacity in the field.

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German shorthair in posed position in the field
Our Training Courses & Service Area

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(Courses conducted at your NJ location)
Elementary  & Advanced Obedience Classes
Aggression & Behavior Control
Socialization & Housetraining
Puppy & New Dog Orientation
Importer of Fine Quality German Shepherds
Hunting, Tracking & Gun Dog Training
Security & K9 Protection Courses
We are located near the Jersey Shore in Allentown N. J. between Princeton & Freehold.
Primary Service Areas Include NJ counties of
Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Mercer, Burlington, Hunterdon
See our Services page for more detail on municipalities included

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Map Central Jersey showing our service area