Behavior & Obedience Sessions

Behavior & Obedience Guidance & Training

Having your dog obey and respond to series of basic commands is necessary for the pet’s comfort and your sanity. These commands, when learned, make your dog a pleasure to be with and a trusted companion to you and your visitors. You do not want to worry about what your dog may do when visitors or strangers are present. Having confidence in your dog’s pleasant disposition is a peace of mind that cannot be underestimated. Knowing your pet can be available for your defense, when necessary, is  comforting. Teaching your pet to respond to each situation properly is key. This page is not intended to be an exhaustive, complete coverage of the subject of obedience training, It does provide an overview of important aspects of the training process and the disciplines needed to improve the educate your pet . 



The Importance of Having Patience

Whatever phase of dog training you and your puppy are in, it is important to not lose patience or over-react. It is easy to become annoyed with an apparent lack of progress, but don’t yell, tug the leash, or resort to other overly strong reactions. Your dog will not relate to your reaction or relate your response to its own behavior. Your behavior will not be understood and will only confuse the process. Maintain  and keep the leash comfortably loose. Consistency is important throughout the course of training.

Basic Commands

The primary obedience commands that need to be understood by your pet are:

– Down        – Sit          – Stay        – Heel          – Come     – No 

Different techniques are taught to induce your pet to follow the commands. Repetition is key to success. Food /treats are inducements. Owner participation and repetition in drill activity are very important. To have a good relationship, the puppy must learn to follow the owner’s queues. Repetition and owner consistency are crucial. 

Stop The Pet From Chewing & Whining

Make lots of chew toys available to your pet and chew-proof your house until it is safe to return to normal. Keep expensive leathers and such out of reach. Rooms with fine furniture and fixtures should be off limits. Whining is a characteristic of puppies and it usually signals some form of need. It could mean that it wants attention or that it has to go potty.  Dogs learn quickly that if whining gets your attention, they are likely to continue. Otherwise, they grow out of the practice as they grow older. 

Exercise Can Be Crucially Important

Exercise has been proven to relieve anxiety, burn energy and even stop undesirable habits or activities. Many of the traits and actions of a canine that can annoy owners can sometimes be linked to insufficient exercise. Just like adults, a regular program of exercise (occasionally rigorous) burns energy, relieves stress, and satisfies an inner need. Make sure that you incorporate this into a dog’s regular schedule.

Leash Manners & Walking The Dog

Owners want to feel comfortable enjoying the outdoors with their pets. Unruly behavior in public by the pet can detract from this experience. Leash manners can be taught in combination with exposure of the pet to outside influences (both human and environmental in nature).